Factors.AI was built to enable B2B Marketing Teams to make fast, agile data driven decisions through the following

  1. Stitch together key marketing data streams such as Traffic Sources (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Search Console), Website Events (Pageviews, Form Submissions, Button Clicks) and CRM Events (such as movement of the prospects through the lifecycle stages and lead statuses)

  2. Automated Analysis through features such as Explain (identifying all factors impacting a conversion goal) and Delta (monitor and highlight week over week changes in KPIs)

  3. Self Serve analysis through our intuitive user interface and support for multiple visualisation techniques

  4. Templates of pre-defined analysis and best practices from other B2B Marketers

Factors maintains your stitched customer data in a secure, distributed datastore and supports for querying your data in a fast, scalable and highly available manner. You could analyse the data at an aggregate level or drill down into individual users or accounts as the case maybe.

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