All data within Factors is stored and isolated within a project. Project settings also determine governance policies such as addition of users, assigning users to roles and access control. You cannot run analysis on data across projects nor do we have the ability to copy data from one project to another.


A teammate is an individual account which has access to Factors.AI Web Application and APIs depending on the role assigned to them. Each teammate could be part of and have access to multiple projects. Every teammate is associated with a billing_id and each project is associated with the billing_id of one of the teammates (individual accounts) who will get all billing related communication from Factors.AI


Accounts refer to the individual accounts of teammates and captures information about the user such as

  1. Name

  2. Email

  3. Mobile Number

  4. Email

  5. Password

  6. Profile Pic

  7. Billing ID

Factors web application also supports personalisation to the individual account through features such as 'My Dashboard', 'Recently Viewed', 'Like / Unlike' of insights. Please refer to our terms of service and privacy policy for details on how we use your information for improving our products and services.

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