The user integrating the Hubspot account needs at least a "read access" to complete the integration. Below are the steps to integrate-

1.) Once you log inside Factors.AI app, go to "Settings" (the fourth icon on the left bar) as highlighted in the image below:

Accessing Settings option inside Factors.AI

2.) Once you are in "Settings", click on "Integrations" (the fourth option on the list of options) as highlighted in the image below:

3.) Once you are in the Integration tab, do the following:

- Locate Hubspot name & logo

- Select the ‘Connect’ button and enter the Hubspot API key. Refer to this article from Hubspot Knowledge base to locate your Hubspot key.

- Once you click on "Connect Now" button, the integration will be completed. To verify, go back to the Factors integration tab & view the Hubspot integration section where the message ‘Connected Account’ along with the API key should be displayed.

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