Why is it essential for Factors to integrate with or capture your website forms?

Factors's JS SDK once placed on the website automatically starts can capture any Form Submissions that happen on the website. It not only captures form submissions event or count but also the associated 1.) form fields like email ID, name, phone no., etc and 2.) form attributes like form name, form id, form class, etc. This means that for all the website visitors who submit a form on your website, Factors.AI is able to uniquely identify them by email ID or phone no apart from their browser cookie ID. And we use these email IDs or phone nos. to further look up into your CRM or Marketing Automation Platform to stitch together your website journey data with your Sales data. This helps Factors do end to end customer journey analysis and multi-touch attribution analysis.

E.g., a website visitor (let us call the visitor browser cookie ID "UUID-123") visits your website multiple times within a span of 2 months from various channels paid ads, organic search and direct. During one of the visit, "UUID-123" submits a trial form on your website with email ID- "john@factors.ai". Factors SDK stores all the multiple website visit and activity data in a chronological order for UUID-123 (now also identified as john@factors.ai). Factors data model then goes and searches for "john@factors.ai" in your CRM data, and tries to understand if this website visitors is a Lead, MQL, SAL, SQL, Opportunity, Deal, Closed Won, etc in your CRM data. Due to this, use cases like what blogs and when did "john@factors.ai" read, what campaigns did "john@factors.ai" interacted with, attribution of revenue from "john@factors.ai" deal to channels, etc become easy.

What is the impact of form submits not getting captured successfully by Factors's SDK?

  1. No or incomplete revenue and multi-touch attribution.

  2. Incomplete end-to-end (first website visit to customer/deal won) customer journey analysis.

  3. Incomplete automated insights around website activity's impact on sales data.

Forms that Factors's SDK can capture automatically and seamlessly without any configuration:

  1. Any "raw-embed" forms from Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot, Chilli Piper, Drift Chat, HTML, etc.

  2. Any "iframes" forms that emit form field details on the front-end like Typeform.

Forms that Factors's SDK can capture with minor setup and configuration:

  1. Any forms that have SSO using Google, LinkedIn and Facebook. Example of a Google SSO sign up below:

Website forms service providers that Factors's SDK doesn't integrate with:

The reason Factors's SDK is unable to capture form submits and email/phone from the below form service providers is that i.) form is an iframe and ii.) doesn't allow any SDK to access the form details.

  1. Calendly

  2. Hubspot Calendar Meeting Scheduler

  3. Leadformly

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