Currently, we allow sending data to Factors via an API using the same endpoints used to collect data from Segment. Hence, to send data to Factors via API:

  1. Enable Segment Integration on Integration Screen:

  2. Note down the Segment API key. Example wlmg8vgvldkx0s8noreidtxjnrt72muq

  3. Add a colon at the end of the API key. wlmg8vgvldkx0s8noreidtxjnrt72muq:

  4. Convert it into base 64 encoding using this online tool. d2xtZzh2Z3ZsZGt4MHM4bm9yZWlkdHhqbnJ0NzJtdXE6

  5. Every API request from a customer will need the Authorization Header as follows. Authorization: Basic d2xtZzh2Z3ZsZGt4MHM4bm9yZWlkdHhqbnJ0NzJtdXE6

Customers can now send events data to Factors by making POST requests to endpoint along with the Authorization Header.

The requests we support are elaborated here,

More details on the data model can be found here.

The two supported requests are below:

1.) Track request - To track a custom event with properties.


"type" : "track",

"anonymousId": "507f191e810c19729de860ea",

"userId" : "019mr8mf4r",

"event" : "Purchased an Item",

"properties" : {

"revenue" : "39.95",

"shippingMethod" : "2-day"


"timestamp" : "2012-12-02T00:30:08.276Z"


2.) Identify request - To identify a user with a known user id and to add user / profile properties. (Use case is to stitch user journeys from multiple sources by using a known id)


"version" : 1,

"type" : "identify",

"anonymousId": "507f191e810c19729de860ea",

"userId" : "",

"traits" : {

"name" : "Achilles",

"subscriptionPlan" : "Premium",

"friendCount" : 29


"timestamp" : "2012-12-02T00:30:08.276Z"


Note that:

  1. Every request should have an anonymous id.

  2. Every request for an identified user can further have an optional user_id (like email or internal user id). If the user is not identified and a track call has this field set, we will internally mark the user as identified with the given user_id.

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