Why does it matter if the SDK is in the head or bottom and impact of not placing Factors's SDK in the head?

  • If placed in the body section, the SDK takes a few seconds (even up to 5-6 seconds in a few cases) to load due to other async marketing tags (as they load before Factors's SDK).

  • As it takes 5-6 seconds to load, our SDK misses out on website visitors and users, and associated UTM parameters leading to incomplete tracking of visitors who bounced off the page within those seconds.

  • Apart from this, we've seen up to 10% of total form fills not getting captured causing less no of leads/contacts getting attributed to the online channels.

  • In conclusion- it will impact end-to-end customer journey analytics and attribution reporting. We have seen this happening with a few of our customers and the problems were fixed as soon as the SDK was placed in the <head> section.

What are the possible reasons Factor’s SDK has NOT been placed in the <head> section in the first place (and reasons why marketing tool tags are not placed in the head section)?

To decrease the load time of the page and thus improve page performance (also has an impact on SEO efforts). E.g., if marketing tags are placed in the head section and they take time to load, it leads to a delay in the loading of content (text, images, GIFs, etc) of the page causing poor web experience.

But then how is Factors's SDK different from the usual marketing tags?

  • Unlike other marketing tags, Factors's SDK is asynchronous. It means that the SDK doesn't impact the loading of other content or tags on the website. Hence it doesn't affect page load time or performance in any way.

  • The SDK is just 22Kbs. This is one of the lightest marketing tags you would ever come across.

  • Load time of Factors's SDK is less than 10ms for the first load, and less than 5ms for consecutive loads.

  • Factors's Engg team has done the performance analysis for a few of our enterprise clients that have millions of website visitors per month. The results of the analyses have consistently proved that the SDK doesn't impact website performance, load time, or SEO in any way.

How to get it placed in the head section?

If your Google Tag Manager is placed in the body section, then you'll have to reach out to your web developer to get our SDK placed in the head. Else just move your Google Tag Manager script container to the head section.

How much time will this change take?

Less than 5 mins

Should you or your website development team have more questions, feel free to reach out to your CSM at Factors or email us at solutions@factors.ai

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