Weekly Insights is a powerful and flexible feature within Factors built to visualize trends and compositions of your data. You can evaluate events, cohorts, and user profiles, and display the data as you wish, for instance, in a wide variety of chart types.

Weekly Insights gives you an insight into how a selected conversion goal has changed over a week & how the corresponding user attributes & journeys have changed, for instance, get detailed insights on how the trend for the user path ‘Blog Page -> Sign ups’ has changed over a week. You can also create formulas, compare current data to past week's data, and generate custom events and properties for deeper analysis.

Let’s understand how you can use Weekly Insights to your benefit:

How To Check Weekly Insights Report on Factors?

The best part about the Weekly Insight Reports? You don't need to do much but just make a few clicks, and results arrive in seconds. Let's understand how we can obtain a weekly insight report on the trend for the user path ‘Pricing Page -> Schedule a Demo’ changing over a week:

Step 1: Log in to the Factors website. On the Dashboards page, locate and click on Insights Dashboard from the dropdown menu. Here, you can choose any report.

Step 2: In the Insights section, you will get a detailed breakdown of exactly how user attributes & journeys have changed from the week before & what needs to be addressed to plug any leaks in the funnel. Here’s how your screen will look like:

Step 3:

Weekly insights tell you why changes in the outcomes you care about occur. It's easy! All you need to do is to navigate into a query by clicking on a title, and choose the "Insights" tab on the top bar. Do this by clicking on the Reports tab on the Factors website, you will be able to get a top-level overview of how many users went on to schedule a demo after visiting the pricing page in their user journey.

Note: You can also see what all user attributes have decreased/increase over the past week for the conversion goal ‘Scheduled a Demo Form’:

Step 4: Filters exclude unwanted data. In case, you want to see some tailored results, you can use Filters. Let's say you want to know how many users who went on the demo page after visiting the pricing page were using macOS. Just simply, add the "OS Version" filter, where it equals "macOS".

Step 5: Choose Breakdowns. Breakdowns segment data into groups. For instance, let's say we want to know the converting users' respective cities. Therefore, add a "City" breakdown.

Thus, on a Monday morning when you generally analyze changes over the past week, the ‘Weekly Insights’ comes in handy to save time & effort wherein you also get to further customize the results using filters and breakdowns as per your needs. Finally, save the report for later or download it, and optionally add it to a dashboard.

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