The user integrating Facebook Ads account needs at least a "read access" to complete the integration. Below are the steps to integrate-

1.) Once you log inside Factors.AI app, go to "Setting" (the fourth icon on the left bar) as highlighted in the image below:

Accessing Settings option inside Factors.AI

2.) Once you are in "Settings", click on "Integrations" (the fourth option on the list of options) as highlighted in the image below:

3.) Once you are in Integration, scroll down and click on the "Login with Facebook" button under Facebook integration as highlighted in the image below:

4.) As seen in the GIF below, after you complete the login process, choose the FB Ads accounts you want to integrate and click on "Select". Currently, the IDs that show up in the dropdown are FB Ads Manager IDs. After you click on "Select" the FB Ads integration will be completed successfully.

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