G2 Integration
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With Factors' integration with G2, you can bring in your G2 intent data and combine with other intent data in Factors to get a comprehensive look at the engagement history of your target accounts. You can also use this to trigger automations on your G2 intent signals.

Integration with Factors

  1. Log in to your Factors account. Click on the settings icon ⚙️ in the top nav bar and then click Integrations.

  2. Find G2 inside the integrations page and click Connect Now.

  3. A modal will open where you will be required to enter your G2 API token.

  4. To access your G2 API token, go to API tokens & Apps in your G2 admin portal.

  5. Then, under API Tokens create a new token and label it “Factors.ai”.

  6. Finally copy the newly generated API token and paste it inside Factors.

And that’s it! Factors can start pulling intent data from your G2 page.

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